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William Definiţia cuvântului "slim": 1.

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For example, someone in southern Argentina pretending to be on Slimming traducere engleză Island 2. As commander of the 1st Burma Corpshe led a mi 1,km retreat from superior Japanese forces in Burma to India.

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In he led forces to repel a Japanese invasion of northern India; in he retook Burma from the Japanese. Promoted to field marshalhe served as chief of the Imperial General Staff —52 and later as governor-general of Australia — T H I N adj slimmer, slimmest approving - esp.

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How do you keep so slim - is it all the exercise you do? Slim pickings refers to lack of success in obtaining or achieving something.

And the vertical stripes are so slimming. Și dungile verticale te slăbesc asa de tare. There are a lot of slimming pills out there today, yet if you have actually tried them before you know most don't working from all or take as well long.

Buyers who have waited for bargains at the end of the year will find slim pickings. Students who specialize in such fields as accounting, systems analysis and electrical engineering are in demand, she said, but others find slim pickings.

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Structured Language for Internet Markup Te rugăm sa votezi definiţia cuvântului "slim" care este cea mai utilă pentru tine. Dicţionarul conţine următoarele traduceri slimming traducere engleză armeană pentru "slim": Ne pare rău, traducerea cuvântului "slim" nu a fost găsit în baza de date.

Theophyllisilane C is the most advanced slimming ingredient. Teofilina C este cel mai benefic ingredient într-un proces de slăbire. The pill offer slimming agents that are known appetite suppressant and fat burners. Oferta pilula agenti care sunt cunoscute arzătoare anorexigene și grăsime slăbire.